10 Ways to Eat Peanut Butter

Because we can all agree that it’s the best condiment in the world

  1. When you are dangling upside down from the monkey bars (did you know peanut butter was once called monkey butter?)
  2. Use it as toothpaste. Not only does it clean up your million buck smile, but you don’t have to spit it out when you’re done! (Warning for parents: This may turn your child’s teeth the a pasty brown permanently, but that would look pretty cool).
  3. By dipping peanuts in butter!

    Helen Teague - Peanut Butter

    Illustrator: Helen Teague

  4. By putting peanuts in the microwave and melting them into creamy goodness! Wait…
  5. By eating it off your fingers (trick you friends into thinking you’re actually eating your fingers!)
  6. By crunching up peanuts in your mouth until it turns into peanut butter. If you crunch 540 peanuts, you’ll have a full jar!
  7. By eating peanut butter right before you go to sleep. You will enter a peanut butter utopia dream trance and sleep like a baby.
  8. If your parents make a meal you don’t like, just throw some peanut butter on it and all your problems will be solved.
  9. Keep it simple and eat it straight out of the jar.
  10. On a sandwich or toast, ‘cause that’s just plain delicious.