An Adventure

O’ mama, O’ mama let’s go out and play

It’s 2 in the morning so let’s start the day!

You tell me and tell me to get me some sleep

But until you listen, I’ll sit here and weep.

Baby in crib - Donnie Ray Jones (flicker) - Lizzie Goncharova

Flickr | Donnie Ray Jones

All I want is to play with my toys

So I’m going on an adventure

I climb out of bed, quiet as heck

I promise I won’t make noise


Crawling on the floor, I’m scared but thrilled

Hoping the kitty won’t catch me, I shush.

The man on the moon shines his flashlight through the tall windows


Halfway there, I high five myself

The home stretch has begun

Slithering across the cold ground

Like a ninja, I won’t be found


My playpen is in sight

Gonna have to hop the fence

If I fall this could get tense


So close I can smell it

Poop, saliva, and all

I hear a slight rumble



Uh-oh! I waked up Jerry

Time to run

I get on my foots

At this point I’m dead meat


Footsteps get noisier

I crawl for my life

And now I’m flying

Soaring like an eagle


Flapping my wings I feel like a king

Feeling invincible

Then my head hits the pillow

“Go to sleep!”

Mission failed.