Blockbuster is Booming!

Illustrator: Morgan Wittmers-Graves

What’s more enticing than a Friday night Blockbuster run? Our movies are magical pieces of art you can enjoy with a friend. You’re bound to find elements of yourself and others in our many magical movies that you can check out for just $5/night!

From cartoons like Scooby Doo, to crime shows like Law & Order SVU, to movies like The Sandlot, Home Alone, Pulp Fiction, and Charlies Angels, Blockbuster has long paved the way in revolutionary home entertainment.

And with candy, soda, and popcorn as well, Blockbuster is basically a one-stop shop!

Now, for a limited time only, stop by any Blockbuster store and pick up a rewards card. This blue and yellow card is good for discounts on movies, as well as free popcorn for every three movies that you rent. And to make your movie experience even better, Blockbuster promises to check discs for scratches before you leave the store to ensure a 25% decrease in that unfortunate skipping and glitching that comes with the movie game.

Altogether, Blockbuster is booming with deals. Hope to see you all soon!

Cue the credits.