Chain Email Mad Lib


Illustrator: Will Hanson


To all my _________,

(plural noun)

I normally don’t forward stuff on but I had to—this one is _______! My neighbor is a ____ and

(adjective)                        (profession)

he said this is NO JOKE and you’d be a fool to ignore it!


Warning don’t stop reading this!! Once you’ve started the curse is already upon you you have to read until the end even just reading the word warning!

_______, the CEO of ______ is facing a huge lawsuit and they have to give out ___ dollars to

(entrepreneur)          (company)                                                                          (number)

all of their _______! To make sure the money is only going to active account holders you need

(plural noun)

to forward this message on to __ of your closest __________. ___________ will track the

(number)                (plural noun)   (same company)

messages for a ___________ ____________ time period. If you fail to do so you will repent!!

(number)   (interval of time)

The last person who ignored this message was found dead in their ______ with no ______

(room)            (body part)

or ________!!! Their name was _______ and they were murdered in _____ by the ghost of

(body part)                              (name)                                               (year)

_________ with a _______! If you don’t forward this on to your contacts _______________

(celebrity)              (weapon)                                                                     (same dead celebrity)

will come for you too!! This is FOR REAL!!!

If you forward this on to _______ __________ in the next ________ _____________ you will

(number)  (plural noun)                  (number)   (interval of time)

have the best day of your life on ____________. Your ___________ crush will ask you out too

(day of the week)      (grade of school)

and you will have ______ luck for the next ________ _____________ of your life!! If you

(adjective)                          (number)  (interval of time)


break this chain you will see a dead little girl in your ________ tonight. And you will fall ill


with _______________ and be cursed with ugliness forever!! DON’T BREAK THIS CHAIN!!!!!

(disease / ailment)