“Fred Loses His Meds”

Illustrator: Morgan Wittmers-Graves

“It’s Freeeed! Whassup homie G?” the helmet-haired, high-pitched kid shouts enthusiastically into the camera. His voice? Hilarious. His humor? Impeccable. I’m only on episode two, but I am absolutely hooked. I’m watching “Fred Loses His Meds,” the second installment of Fred’s adventures. As his voice and the plot speed away, I am lost in the genius of his work (I can’t get over that voice lol).

Anyway, the episode goes something like this: after Fred greets his viewers he dances to some R&B for a bit, followed by a “get down with yo gangsta self.” This is a great line. I take a mental note to repeat it constantly to all my friends and family.

Fred explains how he has lost his pills and that he needs them to function like a normal person (cut to Fred screaming). He goes outside during a thunderstorm warning, frantically repeating “I need medication!” Holy cow! This guy is insane. I want to be like him. Heck, I want to be him. He’s like Alvin and the Chipmunks, except he’s a real boy and way more hyper! How does he do it? I wish I had some way to record myself and post it online…

Omg, he just ding-dong ditched Kevin’s house. This kid is so wild. He needs to find his meds, like, pronto. Now he’s totally freaking out, tearing up his room. Suddenly his mom cuts in. She found his meds! Man, this guy has to be the funniest thing on YouTube. Time to binge watch all his videos until my ears bleed!