Numa Numa Guy — Where Is He Now?

Life after internet fame.

Illustrator: Claudia Dube

Who could ever forget the Numa Numa guy? The insanely viral video of his performative, unabashed lip syncing to O-Zone’s “Dragostea Din Tei” on a less-than-superb webcam was enjoyed by anyone with a PC in the early age of the internet. Nearly 12 years after its release, curious nostalgia begs the question: Where is he now?

Turns out Numa Numa Guy, otherwise known as Gary Brolsma, is doing just fine. Although his free-spirited dance moves may suggest otherwise, he considers himself to be a bit on the shy side. He initially decided to lay low despite the internet fame and continued working at Expert PC in North Carolina, where he fixes computers. Unlike many viral video stars, Brolsma’s life stayed relatively the same, as he desired.

Two years after the video’s release, however, he was approached by Jaeter Corporation, a company specializing in media production. With the help of their team, Brolsma created another Numa Numa video, aptly titled “New Numa.”

The New Numa is quite different than the Original Numa, but they both feature a foreign song and Brolsma’s flashy moves. It was then that the Numa Numa Guy came out of hiding. He scored interviews on Good Morning America and The Tonight Show, as well as various online publications. He even appeared in an advertisement for Geico.

Brolsma now uses his online fame to promote his band, Nonetheless, and his career as a solo artist. For the most part, though, he’s just a normal guy who works in web design, releases his music on Bandcamp, and has nearly 1900 followers on Twitter.