Ode to Load

Illustrator: Tessa Portuese

Dial up to connect

(it’s not so quick).

The sound of beeping

make me sick.

Eagerly I lie in wait

as the Internet

begins to wake.

Browser favorites

know their queue;


I am coming for you.

Tap the mouse,

home page appears.

Pick out my game and—

oh no, oh dear.

The dreaded hourglass

has appeared.

Digital sand ticks

away the time.

I sit and wait;

try not to lose my mind.

Holding one’s breath

is useless here.

I stare at the screen

until I am shedding tears.

Just one game!

Come on, please go!

The hourglass glares back

with a confident “No.”

I say, “Ok computer.

I know your tricks.”

Crack my knuckles and

lick my lips.

Click that cursed cursor

once more in vain.

Please, myscene.com,

take away my pain.

Hourglass, so stoic.

This game is getting old.

But, alas, I know you will never,

never let it load.