Subject: Signing off

Dear Readers,


Your 2017-2018 subscription to The Wake Magazine ends today. I hope you have enjoyed our content, and perhaps were inspired to interact with the creative campus and city around you.  As the soon-to-be former editor-in-chief, I’m feeling particularly nostalgic as I write the introduction for this issue full of retro internet favorites.

In the mindset of looking back, I am reminded of some of my favorite old Wake moments. My first Wake article (a review of Mesa Pizza), the goth photo shoot for our 2015 Bizarro (check out my “whatever” hat—I totally didn’t care, man), my first feature contribution which involved eating a lot of French fries, collecting inspiring student narratives for our post-election issue, and most recently, joining up with the awesome folks at Fund Aurora and Women for Political Change to host a badass birthday concert for a good cause.

These memories mean so much to me and make me excited for next year’s crew to see what memories they can make. Because though our 2017-2018 cycle has come to a close, we are looking forward as well as back.

If you would like to renew your subscription with us for 2018-2019, good. You should. After a summer of programming updates and R&D, we will be launching v.18 (Volume 18, that is) of The Wake, back and better than ever. We hope you will join us then as a contributor, intern, or valued reader. If you want to learn more, contact next year’s editor-in-chief, the extraordinary Tala Alfoqaha (

But for now, I am signing off. This has been the best and coolest of opportunities, and I look forward to logging in as a reader in the fall.


Best Regards,

Emma Klingler




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