The Trending Top 8

U.S. baby names for a lucky new generation

Research into naming trends has produced some fabulous insights into which elements of pop culture may be here to stay. With the amount of support behind these top names, it is likely that among this list may be the next Jessica or Michael. Here are the currently trending top eight baby names.

Max Smith - Baby Names

Illustrator: Max Smith


In the growing tradition of food-related names like Kale and Quinoa, Paleo provides a fresh take by encompassing an entire fad diet. Parents who have used this name like to pair it with the trendy “Klenz,” which has moved up the list in both the first and middle name categories.



Either you have one, or you know someone who has one. This hipster plant trend has made its way into the mainstream. With it, Succulent has seen a surge in popularity, replacing Rose, Lily, and Daisy as the top picks for that special flower child.



Like the all-occasion Instagram filter for which it is named, Clarendon is a great fit for any new baby. It has the flexibility of being shortened to Clare or Don, for those kids who would rather go #NoFilter.



Parents were captured by the boldness of Donald Trump’s “Yuge,” and are passing it on with the hope that their own child will have the same inexplicable success in their endeavors one day.



This classy choice saw a huge spike in popularity after it was leaked that Kimye’s next child would bear the name Contour West.



This one is no surprise after the vast success of the long-awaited “Star Wars” reboot. It is so big right now, and the feminine “Chewbecca” has been created to appeal to a wider audience of parents.


Damn Daniel

A variation on a classically popular name, it seems Damn Daniel will stay relevant for another generation at least. Back at it again with the overused jokes.



An amalgamation of the catchall phrase, “bless up,” this name is looking to be the Heavenly or Faith of a new generation. Bless up for that.