The Birthings of Fashion Month

February, the month of love and fashion.

Now that it’s the end of March as I am writing this and we have had time to digest the abundance of beauty from the events in February, I thought I would introduce this blog by discussing just that. My top Fall 2018 shows collectively from NYFW-PFW. Tbh, guys, if I covered all the shows that took even just a piece of my heart this blog post would be 30 pages! No joke, a thorough, in-depth Leslie Knope report style. So due to the decrease in our attention spans by being college students (science back me up), I’ll make this post not 30 pages.

Starting off with NYFW- Tory Burch. First of all, that venue?? Dreamy in the most encapsulating way. My fomo was severely tested, thanks Tory. But something just a touch better than the flower meadow was the line, duh! Feminine prints and silhouettes that reminded me of old Chloe lines were seen. Also a rather pointy toe take on the usual rounded toe clog shoe. Basically a full party. See for yourself.

“You have now entered the Matrix.” Just kidding, it’s just an Alexander Wang show. Shoutout to the miniscule sunglasses that even Kanye himself said are in. The clothes consisted of a monochrome palette perfectly paired with a similar background: a cubicle corporate office. The legging containing Alexander Wang print is something to definitely cop for your next active date (workout, I obviously mean a workout). Before we move on from Wang’s F/W 18 line, never forget the full getup that screams astronaut turned pest control! Your eyes are gonna love this.

After the Matrix, we are going to a Fleetwood Mac concert! Just kidding again, sort of wish I wasn’t though. We are going to a Coach show instead. Might as well be a Fleetwood concert though because it’s 70’s central, people! The article on Vogue called it, “American Gothic goes to the Southwest”. Pretty accurate. I fell in love with every look. Choosing only nine looks to show was a tough assignment. So, please, go on Vogue Runway and check out all the looks! They showed numerous layers consisting of turtlenecks under dresses, lengthy jewelry—both necklaces and earrings—massive bags, and sometimes a chunky coat. Coach successfully delivered a more mysterious line. I don’t know, but I would buy every outfit. My GoFundMe is live.

Skipping over London town and Milan (no hard feelings), we then head to Pariiiii. Okay, usually I’m not one to amp PFW because there’s already enough people to do that, but they hosted two of my top three favorite shows of this years fashion month. Starting with Loewe, I always can depend on them for delivering a full iconic line. Their recent show made me take a step back and think what possible words I could use to describe how unique and chic (took me a while to use that word didn’t it? 5 paragraphs to be exact) the looks were. Help! Well, we love an oversized leather pocket on a jacket, intimates over dresses, and chunky winter coats with the appropriate fur accents.

Paco Rabanne’s show took me back to my Libby Lu years. Sparkle. Everything. Also is it just me or did you get that Chanel SS14 vibe from some specific looks too? Paco was brilliant by combining metals and plastics together to construct dresses and skirts, even placing dried flower petals between the plastic pieces. A king. He made it appear to be casual by pairing the flower skirt with a basic cashmere sweater. All in all, this show was an inspiration to everyone.

Ending with one of my favorite designers, Chloe, this was their second show with their new creative director, Natacha Ramsay-Levi. This line projected an edgier personality than than the usual Chloe aesthetic. Deep Vs and cropped turtleneck sweaters, heeled combat boots and arm cuffs over tops. Sounds good to me. Also… I’m a fan of trousers so these laid back, jodhpur (let’s go riding!) baggy trousers were truly fantastic. Especially the ones with long fur along the outside seams. Now that I’m thinking of it, this line is somewhat Midwestern-themed. The blazer and trousers that have the image of a horse jumping could have been really useful when I went to horse camp in the 4th grade. What a nice memory… Alright check out the looks!

Fashion month did well to say the least, including many other shows that sadly weren’t covered here. But congrats on getting to the end. Maybe you’re feeling inspired and prepared for what Fall 2018 will have in store (does this count as a pun?). Until next blog post, ciao! x

Sadie is a fashion columnist for The Wake and style blogger for her personal blog, Loon Look. Sadie enjoys saving the bees and mixing cereals together.
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