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  • “Spoons”

    I had vaguely heard of the video “Salad Fingers” but never bothered to actually look it up (re: not a big “internet” person). “Salad Fingers” is a miniseries by David…

  • “Charlie the Unicorn”

    If you can remember multi-colored unicorns, Candy Mountain, and a shrill, somehow entertaining, “Charlieee,” then you might’ve watched YouTube’s Charlie the Unicorn. The video hit its tenth anniversary recently and…

  • “Keyboard Cat”

    Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat is one of the best videos produced by the early internet. Every aspect of this 54-second long video is pure. From the two-beat count-in to the…

  • “Harry Potter Puppet Pals”

    Every child who was in grade school in the late 2000s has been subjected to watching the Potter Puppet Pals videos that ravaged YouTube like a plague. Nobody was safe…

  • Isle of Dogs

    “Wherever he is, we’ll find your dog.” Such are the words of Rex, one of the many vigilante dogs living on a desert island in Wes Anderson’s latest stop-motion film….

  • Swan Lake at Northrop

    Houston Ballet Performance is “En Pointe”

  • Truth vs. Balance

    How the popular media continues to fail us when reporting on climate change.

  • America’s Trash Crisis

    The invisible yet pressing issue of our waste

  • “Fear of Music” (1979)

    Talking Heads’ first two albums, “Talking Heads 77” and “More Songs About Buildings and Food,” were post-punk marvels filled with upbeat funky melodies and grooves. In those records, frontman David…

  • “Collection One”

    It’s about time. Brooklyn-based rapper SAINt JHN released his debut album, aptly titled “Collection One,” on March 26. The album encompasses everything SAINt JHN: from his past hits such as…