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  • “Ephorize”

    It’s always refreshing to see an artist as unapologetic and entertaining as cupcakKe. The Chicago rapper gained some popularity this year over her incredibly bold personality and sexual lyrics. On…

  • Jhené Aiko, “Trip”

    Jhené Aiko’s latest album, “Trip,” is a grief-fueled journey of the body, mind, and spirit. Three years in the making, the album follows the death of her brother, Miyagi Chilombo….

  • “Heartworms” and “The Worm’s Heart”

    “Heartworms” struck me as an album I would love as soon as I started listening to it. The music is dynamic, captivating, and fits so well with the vibe of…

  • Editors’ Picks

    No Going Back: In-Sequence Playlists Proudly showcased by Jacob Steinberg You’re hosting a casual get together that begs for an atmospheric redress. “I’ll just throw something on,” you say as…

  • Phases

    Angel Olsen

  • Thor: Ragnarok

    The first scene of a film often establishes the storyline for the rest of the film. In the latest Thor movie, “Ragnarok,” the story begins with Thor spitting quips while…

  • When Nerd Gives You Lemons

    Is this the return of the infamous hip-hop group N.E.R.D?

  • Duck Soup (1933)

    The late 1920s until the early 1930s was an era of debauchery in Hollywood filmmaking. In the brief period after the advent of “talkies,” but before the enforcement of the…

  • “Mr. Finish Line”


  • “What If Nothing”