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  • Q&A with Astral Samara

    Alex Adkinson, who performs under the moniker Astral Samara, has a lot to say about the interconnections between music, feelings, and philosophy.

  • The Lowest Pair

    As self-professed John Hartford disciples, The Lowest Pair spoke with The Wake about their steadfast commitment to weirdness and contempt for clichés

  • Q&A: Stone Arch Isles

    Six-man band Stone Arch Isles is making music, booking shows, and getting ready to drop its first EP.

  • Q&A: Early Eyes

    Middlebrook Hall’s ‘Coolest’ Kids

  • Q&A: Tabah

    Local indie rock group releases debut album “Symmetry Somewhere” while seeking community amongst the endless rhythm of perseverance and destruction

  • Underground Galleries

    A trip through the dewy sub-world of Twin Cities urban art

  • Q&A: Paul Shambroom

    Art professor discusses campus climate after the recent election

  • Q&A with Talvin Wilks

    The University of Minnesota’s latest theater production of José Rivera’s “Marisol” follows the story of a woman whose guardian angel has left to strike war on a tired, elderly God….

  • Q&A: Colin Campbell & the Shackletons

    Local band of brothers releases EP and rocks with a sense of Twin Cities punk history

  • Q&A Guante

    Kyle Tran Myhre or “Guante” is an activist, educator, writer and one of Minneapolis’ own. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of spoken word through his exploration of tough themes…