Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar

Bicycles and Coffee.

It’s the marriage of two ultra-hip products of our culture. And it’s arrived at the border of Standish and Ericsson neighborhoods in South Minneapolis.

So why should you give a damn about Angry Catfish Bicycles and Coffee? It isn’t because you’re looking for a new cup holder accessory to hold your coffee-filled thermos; it’s because you want quality.

Owner Josh Klauck cares both about quality of the coffee and bicycle-related paraphernalia served in his recently opened hybrid-store.

Currently, the coffee bar offer four kinds of extraction methods for their coffee beans. One of the more interesting of these is the Japanese siphon method – where a Bunsen-like burner heats up water until it is evaporated into a separate vessel and then drops back through the coffee beans to provide an ultra-pure, clean-tasting cup of joe.

Most coffee shops in the area offer one or two extraction methods – usually failing to produce a viable cup of coffee with either. These coffee shops feature baristas that are too busy stressing over a chemistry exam to create an even puck for an espresso shot or simply don’t care enough to discover what bean and brew style would best fit the customer’s desires.

This find-exactly-what-you’re-looking-for mantra is one intended to run through all aspects of the coffee-bike shop. For coffee, this means selecting the finest roaster in the region, which Klauck believes to be Intelligentsia based in Chicago (with another headquarters in San Francisco).

“Two people have told me they would drive 50 miles for Intelligentsia coffee,” says Klauck. The beans sold by Intelligentsia come from farms that are visited regularly by Intelligentsia employees; they can then assure both top-quality beans and fair business practice from their farmers. Intelligentsia takes the beans back to their facilities for roasting and testing. Because ordering a dark roast is akin to saying ‘give me a coffee without complex and satisfying flavors,’ Intelligentsia only features light-to-medium-roasted, in-season coffee beans. The roasters also research a variety of brew methods and machinery to report to their customers how different extractions alter flavors in the coffee and which ultimately gives the best tasting brew. For these reasons, Intelligentsia holds the quality of bean that Klauck demands for Angry Catfish coffee. And this quality may only be found in a few rare stores in the cities.

Klauck emphasizes a similar selectiveness on the bicycle half of the store. He intends to pick the best fabricators, parts and apparel to carry in his store. So far this means bicycles from Moots, Independent Fabrication, All-City, Surly, Salsa, Colnago and local builds from Capricorn. Customers looking to custom-build their bikes or upgrade parts of current bikes seem to be the target market for Angry Catfish, though the store features three bicycle stations for regular maintenance.

The biking clothing in the store is currently limited to a selection of Twin-Six gear but the store will carry what they know from experience to be the ‘best’ products from a variety of lines. Continuous testing and research into all of the gear that the store carries will be a regular part of the store’s business, according to Klauck.

What else is to come for the store? If correct number of hoops are jumped through for the City, Angry Catfish hope to have outdoor seating come springtime. The space behind the store is also being scouted out for murals and a patio. The space seems to be fairly adaptable at this point – where it could go a number of ways depending on wants and desires of the surrounding community.

Until then, Angry Catfish will continue to offer their customers a undeniable attention to detail and willingness to help people find what the what want in the things they love: bicycles and coffee.