ASU’s Got Talent

Love to perform? Here’s your platform

Taylor_DanielsThe Asian-American Student Union (ASU) held its first-ever talent show on Jan. 29 for people from all over the Twin Cities to showcase any type of performing art. The show was held at The Whole Music Club and included performances mainly by students of Asian descent from around the Twin Cities.

The event had a relaxed atmosphere. It was clear ASU intended the event not to be competitive, but more of a platform for artists to perform for one another.

The talent show began and ended with surprise performances by the ASU board, which were not listed on the audience’s programs. The board also announced its annual Gala to be held on Feb. 11.

There were performances by some student groups on campus such as dance groups Twin Cities Bhangra and UBreak, both of which performed high-energy routines. The Soaring Entertainment Crew, a dance duo, put on a show combining dance and comedy. There were also performances by individual students. Singer Prerna and others enraptured the audience with their melodious tunes comprising of both covers and originals. University of Minnesota student Arman Shah did a magic and stand up comedy piece that received high praise from the audience.

The performances stayed lighthearted throughout. Some performers proposed to their significant others through songs and videos for the ASU Gala dance, bringing tears and smiles to the audience.

All of the performers incorporated humor and positivity, promoting harmony at a time in which many groups are feeling threatened, without getting overtly political or opinionated.

Performers said they decided to participate to promote their art, get over their nervousness, or just because they loved being on stage.

The first ASU talent show went off without any major problems. As the ASU board closed out the show, they expressed their satisfaction with how it went, and hoped their Gala would get as good of a turnout.