Laughter at Grumpy’s?

I came, I watched, and I didn’t laugh

Illustrator: Ashley Bernhardt

As someone who loves to laugh, I was looking forward to attending the Death Comedy Jam at Grumpy’s Bar and Grill on Wednesday at 10 p.m. After shuffling through the small crowds of boisterous conversations and loud laughter, I stepped into the smaller room that would soon host the comedians. There was a row of booths and more seating in the back, but I had no problem securing a seat as there wasn’t much of an audience. I settled in, excited for a night filled with big smiles and lots of laughter. I hate to say it, but I was sorely disappointed. One of the hosts, Phil, was extremely energetic and tried to get the “crowd” riled up by saying, “Grumpy’s: It’s where old comics come to die, new comics come to quit.” After their name was announced, each comedian walked onto the stage, grabbed the mic, shuffled around for a few seconds, and desperately attempted to make the crowd laugh for the next five minutes.

The first comedian tried one joke about Perkins (I didn’t get it) and then hopped off the stage. This is when I became certain that attending this comedy jam had been a mistake. The next few acts earned a handful of chuckles, but most of the time, the air was thick with discomfort as the comedians threw punch lines and waited in anticipation for laughter that didn’t come.

After sitting painfully through 22 different acts, I felt unsatisfied with the whole experience. I think Phil should’ve introduced the acts with, “Grumpy’s: It’s where both comedy and laughter come to die.” Yes, I had laughed a couple times, but I left the bar starving for more.