Sophisticated & Sleep-Friendly Sofas

Buying a Couch Perfect for Those Drunk Nights

Illustrator: Stevie Lacher

Admit it…you’ve been there. You had a long night out with friends who were bad influences on you (and your liver). You finally get home and after stumbling to the bathroom, staring at your sad reflection in the mirror and wondering what happened to you, you only make it as far as your couch. A piece of furniture so cozy, so comfortable, in that weird, lumpy way, and yet so undeniably hideous. How is it that a piece of furniture can look sad? Well, your couch certainly found a way.

Where can you buy a couch that is both sophisticated and sleep-friendly? A couch needs to be a statement piece in the room but also inviting enough for a drunk soul to pass out on. Couches say a lot about their owners. Do you want your sad, old couch to reflect your sad, meaningless life? Of course not! Here’s what to keep in mind when shopping for that special couch.

Style. So many couch types to choose from: Chesterfields and Cambrioles to mid-century moderns and sectionals. What style best fits you? A key thing to remember is you will be spending long, unconscious nights on this thing. Does comfort outweigh its design? Maybe you’d like to purchase the classic couch with a pull-out bed feature. A popular favorite among college students; your back will thank you in the morning.

Fabric. Depending on how your night went, your morning after may require cleaning. The fabric of a couch is very important based on its ability to be thoroughly cleaned. Do you go with the classy and cold leather? Or the warm and soft suede? The fabric of a couch can make a huge difference in dealing with your regrettable decisions from the previous night

Price. Speaking of regrettable decisions, how much are you willing to spend on a couch that could possibly be ruined in one go? Don’t spend too little; a good couch is extremely underrated. But don’t splurge either. You’re still in college and massively in debt. Keeping the banks off your back takes precedence over the interior design of your small, bare apartment. Look to IKEA and Craigslist for good deals on the couch of your dreams (and hangovers).