The Battle Rages On

Check out the final round of Battle of the Bands to see who will reign supreme

Illustrator: Peyton Garcia

With Spring Jam™ preparations already under way, students were invited to Coffman’s The Whole on Friday, Feb. 2 to escape the cold and warm up to the sounds of the Battle of the Bands. The competition includes four “battles” to determine which group will be granted the opportunity to kick off the Spring Jam™ concert on Friday, Apr. 20. The first round featured Nick Check and the Dead Century, Savage Oranges, niiice., and Papa Velvet & the Good Ghost.

Nick Check and the Dead Century is a folk-rock quartet that grabbed the audience’s attention with smooth vocals and high-energy originals. It seemed as though much of the crowd had some prior connection to or knowledge of the band as they nodded along to their setlist and happily submitted their ballots after their final song.

Following up the first act was Savage Oranges, who appropriately took to the stage with “(I Wanna Be) Savage.” The alt-rock trio has noticeable influences of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Clash. Savage Oranges has a classic garage band sound that would be sure to excite those in attendance at this year’s Spring Jam™.

Next up was niiice. who surprised the audience upon the first note with screaming vocals that instantaneously caused a small mosh pit in front of the stage. With over 1200 “likes” on Facebook, it is clear they’ve already established a small and dedicated following. However, it is unsure whether the emo-punk ensemble would please the majority of those in attendance at Spring Jam™.

Closing out the night was Papa Velvet & the Good Ghost, who ended up taking the crown that night. Frontman “Papa Velvet” most closely embodied the demeanor and appearance of Father John Misty with his sly commentary and impressive vocal control.

To vote for the final contestants in this year’s Battle of the Bands, head to The Whole on Friday, Feb. 23 to cheer on your favorite band and get excited for this year’s Spring Jam™!