Welcome to Food Bowl Society

What are you really losing by eating everything in a bowl?

Illustrator: Will Hanson

In case you haven’t been outside recently, I should inform you of some startling news. Food all just comes in bowls now! Yep. While you were inside hibernating, the world collectively decided that holding a sandwich or burrito or having ingredients sit separately on a plate is a fad of the past! Say hello to bowl culture. You can now find all of your favorite foods, including burritos, yogurt, sushi, and even tikka masala, encapsulated in a bowl.

Say hello to bowl culture.

So, at its core, what is the difference between a bowl of food and a self-contained version with the same ingredients? Finding an answer to this question is literally my sole purpose for writing this article.

Benefits of The Bowl

  1. You can follow an underpaid employee through a line of tantalizing ingredients, hand-selecting the ones you’d like. Definitely appealing.
  2. Posting photos of your organic acai yogurt bowl on Instagram is undeniably more appealing than posting a photo of your Key Lime Pie Yoplait. I get it.
  3. I suppose you’re saving those tortilla calories/carbs with the punishment of having to use a fork and not getting a tortilla.

Benefits of The Traditional

  1. Holding food in your own hands never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s a tradition that dates back centuries.
  2. If you are holding a sandwich or burrito, you are mobile. You can walk down the street, fight off supervillains, or pick up the mail, all without putting down your lunch.
  3. Tortillas and/or bread are still potentially involved.

Craving a food bowl? Try Qdoba for a breakfast burrito bowl, Himalayan for a bomb chicken tikka masala bowl (and others), Sprout for a variety of salad bowls, or The Cove for poke bowls, to name a few local, student-friendly options.