Heart Attack-in-a-gun

A look at how the CIA kills people “naturally”

As we the people know, the CIA is always up to some shady tricks. In 1975, whistleblower Mary Embree spoke about a heart attack-inducing weapon the agency had allegedly been using to carry out assassinations. This led to a congressional testimony revealing that the agency had developed a gun that could shoot a dart releasing a poison that could cause a heart attack, all the while leaving no signs that the person was ever shot in the first place. Clearly, this gun was a tactic for the military to carry out assassinations strategically in the form of unfortunate accidents that are untraceable back to the CIA. Rumor has it they are still in use today. The weapon is said to be a modified Colt 1911, according to an Express article.

According to a Canadian press core article, “The poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol.” The article goes on to say that the dart was powerful enough to penetrate a person’s body through their clothes and leave just a small red mark. The poison would then melt, absorb into the body and cause a heart attack. The poison was undetectable by modern autopsies. Supposedly, the person shot would feel nothing but a mosquito bite.

The CIA disclosed in the hearing that the darts were made of a frozen form of liquid poison. It would melt within the target and only leave a small red dot–much like the bulletless entrance wound found during JFK’s autopsy. Over the years, many assassinations were performed to make it appear as if the victim had died of natural causes.

Many people, including key witnesses and other important conspirators who have died at all too convenient times from natural causes, were possibly killed by this lethal poison. The list includes: Clay Shaw, J. Edgar Hoover, Earlene Roberts, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

Rumors have it that the use of such a gun was not limited to just the United States. The KGB is said to have used it to carry out many assassinations of its own.

So next time someone of significance of natural causes, it’s safe to wonder if the CIA pulled the trigger.