Like a Party in Your Mouth

The Wake samples guacamole in Minneapolis


ou may remember our “weird beers” feature from last year, or perhaps our pizza tasting trips from the year before. If you’ve really been around, you might even remember when we scoured the Twin Cities for its best cinnamon rolls. It wouldn’t be a year at The Wake without a food-finding feature, and this year, we’re munching on guacamole.

As a team, we hit up two places in Downtown Minneapolis (Rosa Mexicano, Barrio), and two in Uptown Minneapolis (Tinto, Lago Tacos). All claimed to have stellar guacamole—we claimed some were better than others. But let’s be fair: If it’s guac, it’s good.

Extra special bonus: A make-at-home, Wake original guacamole recipe! Tweet us your photos when you make it @the_wake.


Official samplers by order of appearance:
Max Smith, Art Director
Lauren Cutshall, Managing Editor
Grace Birnstengel, Editor-in-Chief
Peter Diamond, Sound & Vision Editor
Carter Gruss, Web Manager
Carson Kaskel, Sound & Vision Intern
Kate Doyle, Designer
Kayla McCombs, Voices Editor
Kellen Renstrom, Photography Intern
Breanna Vick, Illustration and Design Intern
Olivia Novotny, Designer

609 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
Guacamole en molcajete: famous tableside preparation – $14

Max Smith: It packs a bit of a punch.

Lauren Cutshall: It’s got a kick at the end.

Grace Birnstengel: It’s very creamy.

Peter Diamond: Just the right amount of heat. Not overpowering, and it’s at the end. I think it pairs really nicely with the chip too, especially the salt of the chip. I really like the texture too. It’s creamy, but it’s chunky enough with the tomato. So I like it.

GB: I really like the tomato. You don’t always get tomato in guac.

PD: It balances it out. I’m not that huge of a fan of cilantro, but I think they put in just the right amount of cilantro.

GB: Are you one of those people who thinks cilantro tastes like toothpaste? Like soap?

CG: “This guacamole tastes like soap!”

MS: I would wash myself with this guacamole. It’s got a very chunky afterbirth.

LC: I like the chunky factor.


925 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
Made to order guacamole – $9.50

PD: I like the plating of this guacamole. I like how they have the radishes placed. It’s symmetrical!

GB: There’s not very much in there, I will say that. This is a very cold guacamole.

MS: It is cold, I think there is more lime in this one.

PD: It’s not spicy. At least not the part I got.

GB: It’s sweet! It’s sweet!

CG: I would say, borderline cream cheese. I could have this on an onion salt bagel.

LC: I don’t know if it’s because it’s so cold, but there seems to be a cucumber like taste to it. Maybe that’s just me. These are thick chips.

MS: I like these chips for a different reason. They don’t break as easily.

PD: You can hold more on the chip.

MS: These are like chips of the apocalypse. The guac-olypse.

Carson Kaskel: Seeing [the guacamole] be made is better.

GB: Also, too small of a portion for ten dollars.



901 W. Lake St., Minneapolis
Guacamole – $8

Kate Doyle: It’s sour.

Kayla McCombs: Yeah, it has a lot of lime.

Kellen Renstrom: A lot of citrus. It’s really fresh though.

Breanna Vick: It’s like eating a garden.

KR: I would drink this, I think, if it was a drink.

LC: I want it to be a little saltier.

KM: Aside from the lime, it doesn’t have much flavor.

Olivia Novotny: I wish it had more of other things in it. Like tomatoes or corn.

KD: If I were to get this dish on my own, I wouldn’t want to pay $8 for it. But I would still order another one.

KR: If I was making this and taste-testing it in the process of making it, I would add garlic salt.

ON: I love the chips.

KD: They’re brittle in a good way.

KR: If I got this again, I would just dump the salsa in the guacamole.

BV: The salsa has more spunk than the guacamole.


2901 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis
Guacamole – $8.95

GB: These chips seem like Tostitos.

BV: It tastes like onions.

LC: There’s a lot of onion and garlic but I like it.

KR: It’s festive.

GB: What does that mean?

KD: It’s like a party in your mouth.

ON: It’s very thick.

KD: It’s not airy. It’s dense.

GB: There’s lettuce in it, which I like, but it makes it kind of hard to eat.

LC: It’s also a little bit of a filler. They put it in the bottom to make it look like there was a mound of guacamole.

KD: It’s like a party that ends really quickly because it gets busted.

KR: Arrested by lettuce.

KM: How do you scoop lettuce? Lettuce isn’t scoop-able.