Zombie Pub Crawl’s Strange Entertainment Offerings

Sum 41, Aaron Carter, and Soulja Boy among others highlight this year’s music lineup.

Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Largest Gathering of Zombies”, the music lineup has been an integral part of its history since 2011. With a lineup that makes little to no sense compared to previous years, Zombie Pub Crawl certainly offers a lot of variety with their music. A former teen heartthrob idol, half of a one-hit wonder, an early 2000s punk band, and a dubstep DJ are all headliners this year.

Illustrator: Becca Sugden

Illustrator: Becca Sugden

If you’re interested in relieving the days of “Crank That” and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”, Soulja Boy will be on hand to bring things back to 2007. Deandre Way, Soulja Boy’s real name, has kept quite busy since then, releasing two not-as-successful albums in the past year.

Those interested in another comedic rapper might want to check out Lil Dicky, a rapper known for his satirical style. Lil Dicky released his first studio album this year and claims to be a “normal dude” when it comes to rap.

Pop punk isn’t (entirely) dead, and neither is Sum 41. The group reached huge success in the early 2000s with their albums “All Killer No Filter” and “Does This Look Infected?”, but has fallen off the mainstream a bit since then. They do plan on releasing their fifth studio album soon, and still hold a dear place in the hearts of many formerly angst-ridden teenagers.

Remember “I Saw the Sign” from Ace of Base, a mid-‘90s Swedish pop group? Attendees can see one of the two sisters at the event. After a mysterious and dramatic breakup, Jenny, the sister performing at the Pub Crawl, split off into her solo career.

In one of the oddest choices, a somehow only 27-year-old Aaron Carter will make an appearance. After a long day of drinking and pub-crawling, it may be fun hearing a man approaching 30 singing about how he beat Shaq.

For those in the mood for some EDM, Seven Lions has you covered. Jeff Montalvo has grown bigger and bigger since his debut in 2012, and his music is primarily dubstep with heavy trance influences.

The main headliner, Girl Talk, may be the best option for those looking for a party atmosphere with their music. Greg Gillis is one of the biggest member of the mash up genre and has been performing at music festivals since 2008.

Rappers Outasight and Mickey Avalon will also be performing. Local artists on hand include Tickle Torture, 4onthefloor, and Impaler. For those interested in entertainment outside of music, the “World Brain Eating Championships” will be a necessary event.