Celebrities Who Need to Host SNL

Illustrator: Madison DiGiovanni

Illustrator: Madison DiGiovanni

In light of the recent hype surrounding the possibility of Ryan Reynolds hosting “Saturday Night Live” in character as the sardonic Marvel Comics hero Deadpool, The Wake thought we ought to compile a list of our dream SNL hosts, fictional or otherwise. It follows, in no particular order:


Kanye West

Yeezy may not seem like the number one pick to host “SNL,” the most prolific of late night comedy shows, but I firmly believe that his monstrous ego alone would make for a good deal of quality humor. I mean, the man has stated without a hint of sarcasm that his greatest pain in life is that he will never see himself perform live. Tell me you wouldn’t love to see him do some standup.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may seem shallow and materialistic on the surface, but when you look deeper I think you’ll find that Kim Kardashian is shallow and materialistic. Think about how funny a stand-up routine where she only talks about designer socks or granite toilets would be. She would be hilariously knowledgeable about designer socks. Also, I want to know what Kim Kardashian thinks is funny. Like, what is her sense of humor like? Does she like puns? Is she into surrealistic dark humor? Edgy Internet memes? These are all questions I want answered.


Any Kardashian, really

The Kardashian host doesn’t even necessarily have to be Kim. I think Kris may be equally funny, if not funnier. Kris Jenner might have some killer mom jokes up her sleeve.

What is Kim’s sense of humor like? Does she like puns? Is she into surrealistic dark humor? Edgy Internet memes?

Pope Francis

The Pope just seems like a fun dude to me. I mean, first of all, his name rhymes with dope. Second, he has that super cool hat. Plus he’s got that whole anti-materialism vibe that all the teens are into these days. I think he’d be a real hit.


Jerry from “Tom & Jerry”

Okay, so he can’t talk, but hear me out…


Alec Baldwin

I can’t believe in all these years Alec Baldwin has not hosted a single episode of “SNL.” Not one. I mean come on would they just give him a chance already?