Creatives Congregate for Conversation

Breakfast lecture series allows locals to discuss stories of expressive success

Photo by Xavier Wang

Photo by Xavier Wang

While Minneapolis acts as a northern hub for creatives of all kinds, involvement within their community may seem daunting. Such established communities seem to only be mobile within themselves; the Creative Mornings discussion series acts as a welcoming, unpretentious alternative.

The Minneapolis branch of Creative Mornings, an international monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities, allows local members of a more artistically inclined community to become inspired together.

Nate Beck, the owner of Minneapolis food truck, Natedogs, led last month’s lecture at the McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. These talks are historically held in creative spaces throughout the Twin Cities. Past lectures have been hosted by The Weisman Art Museum, The Bell Museum, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Photo by Xavier Wang

Photo by Xavier Wang

September’s creative morning was focused on the idea of magic, as Beck himself uses magic tricks to attract customers to his business. “Remember people’s names as much as you can,” said Beck, “Actually make a physical connection with people and remember the reasons why you do what you do.” Beck left the audience with a recipe for success.

The transparency of Beck’s success is why Creative Mornings attracted his insights. Volunteer chapter host for Creative Mornings Minneapolis, Tess O’Connor, is devoted to selecting humble speakers with explicit directional advice.

“Remember people’s names as much as you can,” said Beck, “Actually make a physical connection with people and remember the reasons why you do what you do.”

When discussing the presence of creative community lectures prior to Creative Mornings, O’Connor says, “It doesn’t matter what your background is, our goal is to give people a chance to be inspired. [In the Twin Cities] there were a lot of great portfolio reviews, or show casings of very successful individuals, as far as lectures go, but I felt there was a gap in the personal side of what it’s like to get to success.”

Each Creative Mornings event attracts new listeners. O’Connor cites that two-thirds of every event are new participants of Creative Mornings.

“It’s just so different than anything the lecture-goers have ever experienced from the creative community in Minneapolis. I just love it when there’s this moment when the speaker starts saying something, and you kind of hear a gasp in the room, or see gears start to turn in people’s’ heads,” O’Connor said, “This is the least pretentious creative event that students can go to.”

For artistically inclined locals who want to slowly emerge themselves into a broader world of expression, Creative Mornings acts as a platform to do so. The discussion could lead to more intense artistic pursuits, or just set the tone of an inspiring weekend.