The Future of “Broad City”

Where we’d like to see our girls go in upcoming seasons

illustrator: Helen Teague

illustrator: Helen Teague

Back in January, Comedy Central renewed “Broad City” for two more seasons, giving it at least a five season run. What began as a low budget web series about two 20-something best friends in New York City has become increasingly irreverent and bizarre as the girls get more comfortable on television, complete with cameos from Whoopi Goldberg and Hillary Clinton. Catch this season’s fourth episode? It opens with a view of Ilana’s apartment from the perspective of a weed-smoking rat. So what does the future hold for Abbi and Ilana?

Future episodes could show our girls outside of New York. While the majority of “Broad City” plotlines involve NYC happenings, taking the two out of their comfort zone could provide ample comedic fodder. How would Abbi and Ilana fare in the suburbs? In the Midwest? Ilana having to dress like a normie already feels like it could fill an entire episode.

Another plotline could revolve around what Jaimé (Arturo Castro) and Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) do when Abbi and Ilana aren’t there, perhaps even being forced to hang out with Abbi’s sorta-roommate Bevers. On that note, isn’t it about time we see what Bevers’ girlfriend looks like and learn of her backstory? Will we find out that she’s joined a doomsday cult?

There’s always the prospect that the sexual tension between Abbi and Ilana will become canon with the two finally hooking up. Would it ruin the dynamic? Probably not—the show could continue without acknowledging it ever again, leaving viewers wondering if it was a dream sequence after all.

Other episodes we’d like to see? Abbi dates someone who works at Bed, Bath, & Beyond; it backfires. Abby and Ilana somehow become involved in judging a beauty pageant; they educate all those involved in feminism and rape culture and spawn a revolution. Ilana joins the cast of a musical, because we need more surreal musical numbers like the Drake/Missy Elliott homage in season one. And, finally, “Abbi’s a Pegger: Part II.”