Bahamas @ Fine Line Music Cafe

Just days before spring break, two Canadian bands soft-rocked the night away in downtown Minneapolis. The Weather Station opened for Bahamas on March 8 at the Fine Line Music Cafe. Both ensembles hail from Toronto and put a unique spin on folk music. The Weather Station’s frontwoman Tamara Lindeman kicked off the night with her deep voice and moody guitar riffs.

When Bahamas came on stage, the band members sported various shades of white and light brown as a tribute to their latest album, “Earthtones,” released in January. Their first song, “So Free,” was groovy and mellow. Several floodlights backlit the band and blinked off and on in sync with the music. Lead singer and guitarist Afie Jurvanen had one of those unexpectedly smooth voices that paired well with his weathered pink Stratocaster guitar. With a laid-back, head-bobbing vibe, his voice put a spell over the crowd.

Though all of his fellow bandmates wore typical hipster shoes like white Dr. Martens, Jurvanen was proudly rocking a pair of dad sneakers. He kept up the level of “dadness” by emphatically and awkwardly bopping to the beat of “Bad Boys Need Love Too.”

The best part of the concert was the final song. Jurvanen had one of the roadies bring him a drink and half of a mic stand. He said that he wanted to sing “Freddie-Mercury style,” then he tucked his beer can into his breast pocket and began crooning out “Any Place.” Before he could finish, a fight broke out in the balcony. After the fists stopped flying, Jurvanen called them out for ruining his “amazing performance” and went right back to his serenade.