Bleacher’s “Don’t Take the Money”

Jack Antonoff returns to the world of Bleachers with nostalgic new track.

Artwork by Stevie Lacher

Artwork by Stevie Lacher

From collaborations with Taylor Swift’s “1989” and Lorde’s “Melodrama”, to co-writing for fun.’s hit song “We Are Young,” among others, Bleachers lead singer Jack Antonoff is considered a behind-the-scenes contributor to the success of many artists. But when he’s not working on someone else’s project, what type of artist is Antonoff himself?

One possible answer may lie within Antonoff’s own band’s newest song “Don’t Take the Money.” The track contains an interesting mix of ‘80s synth pop, modern computerized percussion elements, and Bowie-esque vocals. It explores the minds of those struggling in a relationship, but not wanting to give up on the relationship quite yet because they have not fallen out of love. Upon first listen, it sounds like a track from the ‘80s, one that I could picture playing on the radio of my friend’s car as we drive down streets on a late summer night. The song is nostalgic even though it’s brand new, making it an instant classic.

The track is addictive thanks to the infectious melody and the song’s progression, making the final chorus more powerful. The end of the song is accompanied by Lorde, singing above his lower vocals, adding another layer to the song’s final moments. The chorus ends and the play-off fades with Antonoff singing the tagline of the song, “Just don’t take the money …”

This track not only gives a sneak peek into the band’s upcoming LP, but it also offers a nostalgic anthem to the upcoming summer.