Illustrator: Sophia Mazullo

You may have heard of the name BROCKHAMPTON by now because the group has recently taken the rap game to a whole new level. BROCKHAMPTON is a boy band consisting of four rappers, three producers, and three designers. The members met on an online Kanye West forum in 2014. “SATURATION” is the first album in a trilogy released by the band. The second installment, “SATURATION II”, came out on August 25th, and “SATURATION III” is presumably coming out before the end of 2017.

The first song on “SATURATION” is “HEAT,” which has hard hitting lyrics about police brutality. With lyrics such as “I’ll break your neck so you can watch your back” and “that concrete feels the hardest every time I seem to touch it,” the group shows that they are not afraid to tackle politically-charged issues in their songs. BROCKHAMPTON’s progressive thinking and increasing following on social media has provided them with a solid platform to rap about whatever they are passionate about.

“STAR” is the wittiest rap song on the album, with over twenty references to celebrities and movies. The group shows off their emotional side with the song “FACE,” in which the lyrics are about longing for someone.

The album also includes three skits, which was a trend in ‘90s rap that the boy band is trying to resurrect. The album is an 11/10, and fans will without a doubt be waiting impatiently for the surprise drop of SATURATION III.