Ceiling Zero

Local indie rock band LASKA to release their first full length album in June.

Artwork Esther Yang

Artwork Esther Yang

“Ceiling Zero consists of ten original songs that create a blend of the raw beauty and madness we develop from the emotion of falling in and out of love. From love to heartbreak, wanting and desire, their songs touch on some of these strong, yet vulnerable feelings. The album contains lyrics that are not only poetic, but relatable. It is filled with melodies that will not only move your body, but your soul as well.

“Not That Great,” a single released on iTunes last July, makes its appearance as the third song on the album. It focuses on the self-doubt that one may feel at certain points in a relationship, especially when someone who is used to being alone finds another who has strong feelings for them. It seems inevitable to question the feelings the other may have for them, hence the lyric, “Settle down now, I’ve only ever known how to be alone”.

“Parking Lot” is the seventh song on the album, a departure from the pain of relationships. The song focuses on the sweet pureness and beauty of falling for someone. The lyrics give off a sense that the sisters are strong and independent, yet they don’t mind being someone’s “girl.”

This spring, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for “Ceiling Zero,” available on both iTunes and Amazon.