“Collection One”

Illustrator: Stevie Lacher

It’s about time. Brooklyn-based rapper SAINt JHN released his debut album, aptly titled “Collection One,” on March 26.

The album encompasses everything SAINt JHN: from his past hits such as “Roses” and “Reflex,” to new bangers like “I Heard You Got Too Lit Last Night,” which has been climbing the Soundcloud charts ever since its release. This album is unabashedly a mix of high and low culture wrapped into a dark, moody package.

With lyrics like “Saint Laurent and quarter water,” SAINt JHN explores the ways his newfound riches coexist (and sometimes contradict) with his Brooklyn upbringing. More importantly, he embraces the “low” culture, placing it on on a pedestal of nostalgia, with song titles like “GOD BLESS THE RATCHETS.”

With the new additions to his discography, SAINt JHN mourns the life he had before fame. “This life too fast, take me back, take me back,” he sings on “I Heard You Got Too Lit Last Night.” A powerful lyricist, SAINt JHN’s verses read like a poetic memoir of unhealthy vices and bad decisions. He is equally as introspective as he is cocky, which is what gives the album its depth. Stylistically, SAINt JHN is a chameleon, shifting from pop-ish sounding tracks like “Selfish” to trap beats like “Brilliant B*tch.”

“Collection One” is a brilliant debut, showcasing SAINt JHN’s abilities as a solo rapper that we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on.