“Constellations” @ The Jungle Theater

With one finger on fast-forward and another on rewind, The Jungle Theater’s latest production “Constellations” welcomes the audience into a love story again and again.

The show opens at the beginning of a relationship between Marianne, an outspoken but charming scientist, and Roland, a thoughtful beekeeper. The twist lies in how each milestone of their life together is shown from different perspectives in multiple universes. Their relationship teeters on a pile of variables.

Illustrator: Helen Teague

Illustrator: Helen Teague

In a script that could easily lose its footing, the actors manage to keep the audience a few curious steps behind. Between Marianne and Roland, a relatable tension pairs with a serendipitous sense of chemistry, making for a relationship that’s enjoyable to witness.

Though each scene shifts slightly from the last, the characters never stray from their true personalities but react differently nonetheless. The humor that manifests itself in the contrast between scene versions balances a repetitive script peppered with heavy, mind-bending themes.

On a minimalistic, all-black stage, tinsel-like ribbon mimics the stars and the audience is welcomed into the multi-verse of their lives. A complete lack of props allows the physical space between them to act on its own, almost representative of a third character. Careful lighting cues signify scene changes and a quick whooshing sound denotes the shift into a new version of the same scene.

With a risky and uniquely repetitive script, The Jungle takes “Constellations” out of this world and into the next—several times—for a satisfying and overall thought-provoking production that begs the question we all ask ourselves: What if?

“Constellations” runs through May 29.