Future and Young Thug: Super Slimey

Illustrator: Katie Heywood

Future and Young Thug collaborated to release their mixtape “Super Slimey” on Oct. 20. I recently opened the mixtape on Spotify and decided to give each song a rating as I listened. My sophisticated song rating system consists of “it sucks,” “it’s alright,” or “it’s fire.” The final tally was ten “sucked,” two“alright,” and only one achieving the prestigious rating of “fire.” I consider myself a Future fan, but I may have to reconsider now.

Does Young Thug’s grandmother own the record label? I find myself asking this type of question as I try to figure out why Young Thug is a famous rapper. His fame remains a mystery, but I am confident that his auto-tune is malfunctioning while he records. Young Thug’s voice has an uncanny ability to ruin almost every song he is featured on. I say almost because the track “Group Home” got an “alright” rating in spite of the high pitched, robotic sound of Young Thug’s voice.

The best song on the entire mixtape featured Future as a solo artist. “Feed Me Dope” is more than an eloquent song title. The track features the type of bass-heavy beat that has become synonymous with most of Future’s music. This song was really close to receiving an alright rating until I played the album a second time in my car. I quickly upgraded “Feed Me Dope” to “fire” once the bass hit my subwoofers.

Clearly, I thought “Super Slimey” was pretty trash. Only Future’s presence and a few tracks with heavy bass stopped me from calling this mixtape downright unfortunate.