“Girls” season five premiere

Since 2012, Lena Dunham’s show “Girls” has forged an iconic name for itself in television. The unconventional and often poignantly truthful coming-of-age story follows the chaotic lives of a group of 20-something friends navigating life in New York City.

hbo.com - Girls

hbo.com – Girls

What sets “Girls” apart from the plethora of young adult TV shows is that it doesn’t paint a rosy picture of what it’s like to be stuck in the painstaking limbo between adolescence and adulthood. Instead, “Girls” unapologetically captures the raw and sometimes hard to swallow truth about finding your footing in the world.

After over four years of gracing HBO with its dark, witty humor, the penultimate season of “Girls” picked up right where the scatter-brained women left off: confused and fumbling through early adulthood with what little finesse they collectively possess.

Although season four offered a silver-lining of hope that our favorite misguided group of friends was finally maturing, season five’s premiere disproved any sign that these characters have learned from their (often colossal) mistakes. The 25-minute premiere was an endearing train-wreck from beginning to end. The episode was jam-packed with unrequited love, reckless relationships, and a wedding of which no one wanted to attended besides the bride, so in short: nothing new for “Girls.”

It’ll be exciting to see what the creatively brilliant and bizarre mind of Lena Dunham has in store for “Girls” this season, and hopefully, for the characters’ sakes, there’s some maturing in the process.