Here Come the Runts


Illustrator: Morgan Wittmers-Graves

AWOLNATION is known for their interesting play on an alternative sound with bold electronic elements, so much so that it is difficult to compare them to any other band in their genre. Their latest album, “Here Come the Runts,” continues to show that AWOL’s style is unlike any other group. The new album drifts away from the band’s old style by focusing more on an indie rock sound while also bringing in the electronic elements that they’re known for.

Originally a rock project by lead singer Aaron Bruno, AWOLNATION blew up overnight after the release of the single “Sail.” Their subsequent albums, “Megalithic Symphony” and “Run,” both focused on a heavy electronic sound, a sound anyone familiar with the band would instantly recognize. This album focuses on the voice of Bruno, along with instrumental elements, rather than on synthetic sounds, giving a feeling of pureness. There is no shortage of upbeat songs, like “Jealous Buffoon” and “Handyman,” which are sprinkled throughout the album and stay true to indie rock style.

As a longtime AWOL fan, I am intrigued by their latest album’s fresh sound; however, I am hesitant to say that I am all for it. While parts of the album reflect the same sounds that made me such a fan of theirs, the focus moved away from that to a more simplistic feel. It will be interesting to see where they take the indie rock style, especially with their tour dates just being announced. After many times seeing them live, I am still in love with the old electronic-heavy AWOLNATION. But, I am excited for the future of the band, the new sound of the album, and the uniqueness that they continue to produce.