“How I Met Your Mother” Ends With A Thud

After nine seasons, HIMYM ends uncharacteristically

via ibtimes.com

via ibtimes.com

Over its nine-year run, How I Met Your Mother proved to be a wonderfully innovative look at one man’s search for his soul mate. However, towards the end of the series’ run, the quality of the show reached a noticeable downgrade. As the jokes became less funny, and some of the running gags wore out their welcome, most fans looked forward to the finale, the moment where Ted would say, “And that’s how I met your mother,” and the series would reach its happy conclusion.

The writers of the show, however, chose a different ending, one that made the entire series feel like an elaborate con job. Warning (if you haven’t finished the series yet): lots of spoilers ahead.

First off, the entire ninth season felt unnecessary and the finale made that even more apparent. In the 22 episodes that detail just one weekend, we learn that characters Barney and Robin go through a wide variety of obstacles to get married. Ted seems to finally get over Robin for what feels like the millionth time, and we learn how every other character besides Ted meets the mother. Through this the audience gets to know her and grow fond of her.

“Her death felt like a cop-out and a poor way to set up the ending.”

In the last two episodes, however, much of this becomes unraveled. In one of the future flash-forwards, Barney and Robin quickly announce their divorce after three years. Why detail an entire season that takes place at the wedding of two of the characters, only to have them get hastily divorced in five minutes of screen time?

The last five minutes of the finale are when things really get brushed over, as we quickly learn that the mother, who we waited eight seasons to meet, suddenly dies from a never-before-mentioned illness that is never revealed. Cristin Miloti’s character Tracy McConnell was arguably the best thing to happen to the show in the past couple of seasons, and she deserved a better sendoff. Her death felt like a cop-out and a poor way to set up the ending. The ending of Ted getting back together with Robin was filmed way back in the first season to make sure that the child actors who played Ted’s kids were still young enough to be believable.

Over the past few seasons however, Ted changed and seemed to understand that Robin was never right for him, and shouldn’t be a part of his future. The ending didn’t really fit and it felt as though the writers were committed to a poor storyline that they wouldn’t let die. Properly summing up nine seasons of a show is no easy task, but the ending certainly could have been handled better than this.