“If Blue Could Be Happiness”


Illustrator: Jade Mulcahy

A few weeks ago, Florist released their new album, “If Blue Could Be Happiness,” and it is nothing short of amazing. The band has found a way to strip their music down to the sounds of gentle guitar strings, softly sung words, and a collection of quiet drum beats. This simple combination makes the album feel intimate and conjures up feelings of nostalgia for the listener. The lead singer, Emily Sprague, is open and raw, shamelessly laying out her thoughts and feelings for the world to see. Sprague reveals beauty in the simple things when she sings of light beams, a lover’s eyes, and cherished memories that continue to live on.

The album keeps an underlying tone of empathy as Sprague sings of difficult times following the death of her mother. Her profound lyrics pair perfectly with the subtle instruments in the background, and the album as a whole gives off a peaceful, comforting vibe that makes the listener want to wrap up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and reminisce about the good times. While some may think this music is too minimalist, Florist demonstrates that good music does not need to include dozens of instruments, hundreds of hours in production, or lots of editing. In only 10 songs, this album captures both the heart and mind of the listener and brings light to the beautiful tragedies that can occur in life.