Jens Lekman

“Life Will See You Now”

Artwork by Esther Yang

Artwork by Esther Yang

Whether writing up-tempo dance tracks or somber ballads, Jens Lekman has proven himself to be one of the better songsmiths of the past ten years. His fourth album, “Life Will See You Now,” continues this trend for the Swedish singer-songwriter. Boasting a sunny disposition and a knack for turning even the kitschiest of production choices into positive aspects, Lekman simply shines throughout.

“Life Will See You Now” is a bit of a departure for Jens, as the album features more electronic backing than his previous endeavors. Modern drums and chintzy synths layer each track, but Lekman can flip them into positive attributes by combining them with powerful hooks and a flair for disco-flavored textures.

Those looking for the darker side of Lekman, the sound that flooded his early EPs, will be satisfied with this album as well. “Postcard #17” and “How Can I Tell Him” are beautifully introspective, with light arrangements accentuating the endearing romanticism that makes Lekman so enjoyable to listen to.

That said, the album can succumb to its own corniness at times, and a couple of tracks do not entirely hold up, like “Hotwire the Ferris Wheel,” and lead single “What’s That Perfume You Wear?” But trying to be critical of this album is like trying to be critical of a wedding. Everyone is having fun and it’s beautiful, regardless of the cheesier moments. Pretensions be damned.