The Killers @ the Xcel Energy Center

Illustrator: Jade Mulcahy

The Killers are a unique band because they attract such a vast audience. When you think of them and their music, you can’t pinpoint their fans as being in one age group. The Killers concert on Jan. 17 at the Xcel Energy Center was filled with people of all ages singing their hearts out. Among the crowd, there were middle aged couples, clusters of teen girls, and flannel-clad college students all bopping to the music. The Killers realize why they’re famous and what songs get the crowd going. So, fittingly, they played some of their most popular songs from the early 2000s.

Originally from Las Vegas, the band incorporated aspects of their hometown in their staging, such as the iconic Las Vegas sign reading “Drive Safe,” which was an aesthetically pleasing touch. At various points during the concert, everyone was suddenly covered in confetti while songs such as “Mr. Brightside” and “When You Were Young” played in the background, adding to the excitement of the well-known lyrics.

The Killers have great music and what makes them an even better band is that they know how to perform it. They know when to pause and let the audience echo their lyrics, what visual effects make their music pop, and they make it obvious that they’re enjoying putting on a concert as much as the audience enjoys being there. You can tell that they give it their all with each song and that they aren’t the least bit sick of the songs they’ve been performing for years. The Killers love for their craft made the concert an even more enjoyable experience for me. I’ve seen them multiple times, and they never cease to put on a “killer” show.