Kimbra @ The Cedar Cultural Center

Illustrator: Claudia Dube

The Cedar Cultural Center opened its doors to Kimbra on Monday, Feb. 5 with a glance at her year-long tour for her latest album “Primal Heart.” Though Kimbra became famous from tracks like “Cameo Lover” and her appearance in Gotye’s Top 40 hit “Somebody That I Used to Know,” she only indulged the audience with one of her older songs: a reimagined and improvisational rendition of “Settle Down.” She focused on showcasing her newest project, “Primal Heart,” which illustrates Kimbra’s philosophies on human emotion, describing how a heart cries out for love as a primal need.

Kimbra, originally from New Zealand, acted right at home on stage, reveling in the friendly Minneapolis crowd. She welcomed a diverse and enthusiastic audience, some who knew all of her lyrics by heart. Kimbra’s edgy black and white lined dress matched well with her impeccable confidence on stage. The compositional genius behind the music and her ability to improvise during her live performances made for an amazing set. Kimbra showcased her wide range as she impressed the crowd with technical runs sung with precision. The band’s bass player—an extremely talented musician with long, rocker hair—helped to add to the pop rock flavor with funky basslines. The venue was grooving with the futuristic electropop atmosphere. At the end of the concert, Kimbra changed the tone with a heart-wrenching acoustic song from “Primal Heart.” This song—the final song of the night—was a desperate cry for love that surely impacted every audience member.