Lorde Gives The “Green Light”

The New Zealand artist returns after a three-year hiatus

Illustrator: Esther Yang

Illustrator: Esther Yang

After years of silence, the Grammy award-winning artist, Lorde, is back with a new single, “Green Light.” The track, co-written and produced by Lorde and fun. contributor, Jack Antonoff, explores the soul of the New Zealand singer after her first experience with heartbreak. Despite the content matter, the song is surprisingly uplifting.

It was so uplifting, in fact, that Lorde herself was shocked by the outcome of the song. In an interview with Beats 1, the singer spoke on this strange paradox, “It sounds so happy and the lyrics are so intense. I thought, ‘How is this thing coming out so joyous?’ and I realized that this is the drunk girl at the party, dancing around, crying about her ex-boyfriend, who everyone thinks is a mess … that’s her tonight, and then tomorrow—she starts to rebuild.”

This paradox bleeds through the lyrics as well as the musical progression of the song. Starting off as a slow ballad, the song quickly progresses into a surprisingly joyous piano riff as the singer proclaims, “But I hear sounds in my mind/Brand new sounds in mind.” The track continues, exploding into a throbbing chorus.

The best way to experience Lorde’s “Green Light” is to listen to it, paying close attention to the sound and lyrics, as it shows a side of the artist that listeners have not yet heard. As a sneak peek into Lorde’s sophomore album, “Melodrama,” “Green Light” shows a matured version of the singer/songwriter. The upcoming release of “Melodrama” will be a true telling of how much the New Zealand songwriter has grown. However, we will have to wait until summer to experience it in its entirety.