“Mr. Finish Line”


Illustrator: Stevie Lacher

I absolutely adore Vulfpeck in all their joyful glory. I was hooked the first time I heard the clarinet trio in their song “Back Pocket” two years ago. This November, they released their newest album, “Mr. Finish Line.” It begins withBirds of a Feather, We Rock Together,” a light and smooth track featuring the amazing Antwann Stanley, a common collaborator with them. Following is the album’s namesake, a sweet tune with the refreshing femme vocals of Christine Hucal.

The band does not fall short with nonsensical sports references that they’ve played with in the past (“Game Winner” is a must-listen). “Tee Time” is a short, fast-paced little piano ditty that makes you feel like you’re skipping around in a video game.

My personal favorite, “Hero Town,” is blessed with the drumming of Michael Bland, Prince’s drummer for seven years in the 90s. He is wearing a First Avenue shirt in their music video, repping Minneapolis along with Vulpeck’s guitarist, Cory Wong. Wong met the band back in 2012 when playing a gig at Bunkers in downtown Minneapolis. Joey Dosik is in on that track as well, bringing in some funk on the saxophone as always.

Vulfpeck did their latest collection injustice by releasing half of the songs as singles before the album came out. Even so, this did create hype around it, especially because of the fun live recordings that were released with the songs.

With slower jams, goofier lyrics, and bigger collaborations, this funk band hits it home yet another time. Vulfpeck is guaranteed to put swag in your step strolling down the street, or let loose your full-out dancing feet.