When Nerd Gives You Lemons

Is this the return of the infamous hip-hop group N.E.R.D?

Illustrator: Lauren Smith

With their revolutionary debut album “In Search Of” introducing a type of weirdness to rap culture back in 2001, rap/rock/punk group N.E.R.D became highly successful. The album’s legacy continues today, even inspiring artists such as Tyler the Creator. Seventeen years and four mildly successful albums later, the group seemed to be as dead as three of the four Beatles.

That is until Nov. 1, when posters with the words “No_one Ever Really Dies” began to pop up around the Los Angeles area. Instantly, these posters began to trend on Twitter, with fans constantly updating N.E.R.D’s account with hopes of a new single. They were rewarded with the single “Lemon,” which seemed like it could have been a deleted track from “In Search Of…” itself. The song not only focuses on booty shaking, but delves deeper into our current political climate, the N.F.L protests, and gun control laws. The real star of the song, however, is Rihanna, who flaunted the new rapping skills she obtained while working with Kendrick Lamar on his song “Loyalty.” She even seemed to challenge Pharrell Williams, making him seem like the featured artist on his own song.

So, this leaves us with the question, “Is N.E.R.D finally back?” Sadly, this is not the return of the infamous rock/hip-hop group, but rather another page to add to Rihanna’s resumé, affirming that she is one of the greatest female artists of all time. Out of fives lemons, I would give this song four, which is just enough to make lemonade.