Pinegrove at 7th Street Entry

Illustrator: Katie Heywood

On the chilly night of Oct. 19 at the 7th Street Entry, Pinegrove graced the stage with their melancholy lyrics and awkward between-song banter. They played two new songs off a mysterious third album that is in the works. “Darkness” was the name of one of the newly unveiled songs, and had lyrics about feeling a darkness inside of you. Another was about two platonic friends. The crowd stood in pin-drop silence, hanging on every word that they sung.

The best song of the night was their hit “Aphasia,” which is about losing the memory of someone special. The crowd screamed the lyrics: “One day I won’t define myself by the one I’m thinking of,” and it was obvious this was a perfect outlet for the many students in the audience to release built-up school stress.

The band had an almost painfully awkward stage presence. At one point during their set, the lead-singer, Evan Stephens Hall, tried to compare Minneapolis to a “mini apple,” but the joke didn’t land. The four members traded off wearing a safari bucket hat throughout the show.

It was lead-guitarist Josh Marre’s birthday the night of the show, and the band set up a surprise for him during the set. When Marre was about to start one of his many guitar solos, the band and random people throughout the audience began to put on birthday hats, tossed around neon balloons, and the band then transitioned flawlessly into “Happy Birthday” in the middle of one of their songs. Marre was pleasantly surprised, as was the rest of the audience.

Here’s the takeaway: Pinegrove is comprised of the nicest, most awkward emo-rockers in existence.