Stranger Things: Season 2

The 80s Spookiness We All Needed

Illustrator: Peyton Garcia

For those who have been living under a rock and haven’t watched the new season of Stranger Things yet, beware of the spoilers ahead.

Steve and Dustin are an unlikely duo that needed to happen. The pairing of these two characters was “not planned,” according to the Duffer Brothers (the creators of the show). The best cinematographic moment of the season is when Dustin and Steve throw raw meat on the train tracks to lure a demodog (a dog that is a demagorgon). The combination of wide angled shots, close-ups, and peripheral shots makes the audience feel like a part of the meat-throwing action.

This latest season also brings us the introduction of new characters. The name of the first episode is MADMAX, which is a hint at a new character named Max: a feisty girl who is a master at the vintage video game Dig Dug. After a rocky start trying to fit in with the boys, Max is rightfully accepted into the squad in the end.

The season ends with the Snow Ball dance, where the middle schoolers paired up to awkwardly slow dance to the timeless classic “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. The camera does a 180-degree spin to show the ominous enemy of the season, a giant spider-looking monster called the Mind Flayer, is lurking over Hawkins Middle school. The lyrics “every step you take, I’ll be watching you,” play as the final episode comes to a close.

All 80s references aside, the plot raised a little hell in the minds of the audience.