Thor: Ragnarok

Illustrator: Ashley Bernhardt

The first scene of a film often establishes the storyline for the rest of the film. In the latest Thor movie, “Ragnarok,” the story begins with Thor spitting quips while fighting against a giant fire demon, setting a high mark that the first two Thor movies couldn’t quite encapsulate. Thor may be the black sheep of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to stand-alone movies, but “Thor: Ragnarok” is easily the best out of the independent Thor movies, incorporating charm and style to the best of its abilities.

The movie makes the most out of character interactions and the worlds it creates. Most of the movie takes place in the world of Sakaar, a planet that is gritty and disgusting, but also colorful, which contrasts with the dark but pristine world of Asgard. Almost every scene feels like it could fit well on an 80s metal album cover. This film also showcases an entertaining clan of characters, from returners like Loki and the Hulk, to newcomers like Valkyrie.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is one of Marvel’s funnier movies, featuring real comedic standouts Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster and Taika Waititi, the film’s director, playing the character Korg. This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is a positive.

“Thor: Ragnarok” follows plenty of the Marvel tropes and, as a result, is pretty predictable. However, it is by far one of their most entertaining and hilarious. “Ragnarok” is a popcorn flick in the purest sense, but it owns it.