“What If Nothing”


Illustrator: Jade Mulcahy

The evolution of the sound and style of a band is integral in allowing them to stand the test of time. Walk the Moon must have realized this because their latest album, “What If Nothing,” is a notable departure from their catchy, danceable alternative rock. Unfortunately, the group’s experimentation with a sound that leans towards 80s synth-pop doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

“What If Nothing” feels like Walk the Moon is incorporating plenty of different styles, but not quite mastering any of them. Some of these styles they pull off well, like the Talking Heads-inspired “All I Want.” However, some tracks are a bit unusual, like the pop-punk style of “Headphones” or the bizarre Genesis-esque “Sound of Awakening.” Unfortunately, many of these songs don’t quite play up Walk the Moon’s strengths, such as their focus on a broad spectrum of emotions and exciting hooks. “One Foot,” the lead-off single, remains the best song off of the album due to having what makes the band so great to begin with. Songs like “Tiger Teeth” and “Headphones” have interesting ideas regarding experiences with past relationships, but the metaphors come across as pretty surface level.

The experimental nature of this album is definitely admirable, but it is obvious that Walk the Moon needed to fine-tune their ideas in order to really make an impact with “What If Nothing.” They are a fun and upbeat group, but this album just doesn’t have the same charm that their older albums have had.