“Wonderful Wonderful”

Illustrator: Peyton Garcia

The Killers

Once one of the biggest bands of the last decade, The Killers have remained relatively quiet since the 2010s. However, with “Wonderful Wonderful,” The Killers make their big return… although it isn’t quite as momentous as expected.

The Killers are known for their rock swagger and grandiosity. Tracks “Out Of My Mind” and “Tyson vs Douglas” return to that almost over-the-top sound, but other songs on the album seem to lack the same sense of power in terms of instrumentation. This could be due to the fact that the songs seldom build in intensity and never quite end with a punch, like in “Life To Come” or “Have All The Songs Been Written?” As a vocalist, Brandon Flowers is still as energetic and charismatic behind the microphone as ever.

The theme of empathy is consistent throughout the album. Songs such as the title track and “Rut” express Flowers staying by his wife’s side while she suffers from PTSD. “The Man” comes across as a bold statement and accentuates the type of flashy lifestyle the band promotes. There are definitely strong themes in this album, although it isn’t as solid lyrically. This is mostly due to some poorly written lines, such as “he’s fake news” on “Run for Cover,” or “dropkick the shame” on “Life To Come.”

Brandon Flowers himself stated that he writes “a lot of solid 6s and 7s” out of 10, and “Wonderful Wonderful” feels like an album full of such songs. Though nowhere near a bad record, The Killers’ big comeback leaves more to be desired.