Q&A: Early Eyes

Middlebrook Hall’s ‘Coolest’ Kids

Early Eyes is an up-and-coming indie band in Minneapolis. Currently, they are in the process of recording their official debut EP “Minutes.”  The band is comprised of four freshmen dudes at the University of Minnesota. These young but talented men have already inspired many of their peers with their music. I met with the band in roommates and bandmates Jake Berglove and Henry Patterson’s artsy dorm room in Middlebrook Hall. Chilling on the futon couch were Wyatt Fuller, drummer, and Des Lawrence, bass player, of Early Eyes. The bandmates conversed and joked with each other as if they’d known each other for a lot longer than a half-year. The bandmates were very willing to reveal what inspires them, their philosophies on kindness, and how they aim to continue to grow as a band.

Photographer: Bri Flasch

Photographer: Bri Flasch

The Wake: How did you guys come together as a band?

Wyatt Fuller: Jake and Henry met at a show…

Henry Patterson: It was a rock and roll concert!

Wyatt Fuller: And then, I put something on Facebook on the UMN Class of 2020 page, and these two knuckle heads [nods at Henry and Jake] messaged me.

Jake Berglove: I was going to have a little get-together in my room, and I asked some people to come. The rest is history.

Des Lawrence: I walked into their room with my bass, and I was like, “Ready to make some music!?”

The Wake: How do you balance being full-time college freshmen and simultaneously being part of a band?

JB: You don’t.

HP: I’m just always doing something. I’m always doing homework or messaging people or practicing songs or recording songs.

JB: If I have free time I’m usually taking a nap.

DL: I took an accidental 3-hour nap today.

JB: Same. I took a 2-hour nap.

HP: No one on this planet gets enough sleep.

WF: Jake, you’re the Nap King.

HP: I have plenty of time to watch videos and procrastinate homework. We all find ways to relax, like, we all need to.

JB: I never feel super stressed because what’s relaxation to me is hanging with the band.

The Wake: Early Eyes is less than a year old, though you’ve managed to acquire a fan base and get many gigs already. What have you done to cultivate your fan base and get opportunities like playing at First Ave’s 7th Street Entry?

JB: 50 percent luck, 50 percent being nice.

HP: I think it’s 100 percent being everyone’s friends. There is no reason not to let people into your life and then let people into yours.

The Wake: What other music groups inspire you?

WF: Is there one group that we all like? … Whitney maybe?

HP: Musically, I’m inspired a lot by Steely Dan. And, attitude-wise I’m inspired by the Rolling Stones.

DL: Hmm, I’ll pick two or three. Wyatt Fuller… Just kidding, don’t put that down. I hate that guy [laughs]. Marvin Gaye… just anything revolving around Marvin Gaye and the Motown record scene. D’Angelo. And, let’s throw in a contemporary: Homeshake.

JB: Shakey Graves, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney. We kinda like totally all are emulating Vulfpeck … Not in our music, but like in our attitudes.

WF: For me, George Daniel particularly, from the 1975. Tears for Fears. Who else? Catfish and the Bottlemen.

The Wake: What has it been like to work on your very own EP?

HP: We’ve learned a lot as a band. There have been a lot of realizations about how to make a good recording.

JB: Let’s be honest, it’s been pretty hard. But it’s getting easier.

WF: The more we work on it, the better it gets.

HP: This is the first time we’ve ever recorded, so next time we do this, it’ll be so much easier because we’ll know the best ways to do it.

JB: We started recording at IPR (The Institution of Production and Recording), which is where Wyatt takes some classes. And, we’re about half-way done with the EP.

The Wake: What has been your favorite experience so far while being a part of Early Eyes?

DL: Playing at the Triple Rock.

JB: I can’t choose man. The last night we played at the Paper House and the last night we played at the Triple Rock! It was the coolest thing of my life. At Triple Rock, I looked out into the crowd, and I was like ‘Sh*t! There’s a lot of people here!’ At Paper House, I felt like I was surrounded by such a good community. A lot of our friends were there.

WF: I’d say the Triple Rock, too.

HP: I’d say every show is the best show because you have to make every show the best show.

WF: I think one reason why the Triple Rock was so fun was because we stayed at Jake’s house. It was over break, and it was super chill. Then we went to the show all together.

HP: Yeah, this was the first show that our parents got to come to, and they could see us all perform.

JB: The Triple Rock was definitely the first time we were playing where I felt like, ‘Wow, we could take this thing to a new level.’

HP: Everyone came out for it. And we promoted it, and we felt pretty responsible for it. And so, it was a success.

The Wake: What is the future of Early Eyes? How will your band continue to evolve?

JB: We’ve got a lot to think about and plan for the future. But ideally, we’d love to make music for the rest of our lives. Cause, I don’t know what else I’d want to do. This is the number one thing I’d want to do.

HP: Like, I don’t dream about being in finance.

DL: So true. Seriously, I’ve dreamt about this since I watched School of Rock for the first time.

JB: Ever since I was little, I’d always wanted to be in a band. Like, I was kind of embarrassed to say it. All of the other kids were like “I wanna be a football player,” and so, sometimes I said that too. But in the back of my mind I always knew this is what I wanted to do.

Early Eyes will be joined by LASKA and the Stone Arch Isles at The Wake’s Birthday Concert on Thursday, March 23, at the Triple Rock Social Club. Tickets are $5 online, $10 at the door. See you there!