We’ve Been Here Before

A Visual History of the Wake’s Political Retort

We released our first issue in the summer of 2002 following “the wake” of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks. True to our roots, we continue to write what we like in the midst of political uncertainty. Take a look at how The Wake has responded to controversy in years past.

A money stuffed George W. Bush is roasted on the cover page. November 10, 2004. Art by Sam Soule.scan-3

Reflecting on the Republican National Convention riots. A feature from September, 2008. Photography by Ben Lansky and Matt Miranda.scan-9

“Obama and Israel: The bitterly ironic romance of our first black president and a racist, oppressive state” an article by Ali Jaafar from February 2009. Jaafar criticizes Obama’s support of the Israeli state and comments on past examples of flawed efforts at zionism: the U.S. colonization of Liberia, and the aloof attitude of Israel toward the acceptance of Jews from Ethiopia. Art by Dixon Bordiano.scan-2

“The Masquerade” by Gera Pobuda. December 14, 2005.scan-6

The U.S. prepares for war in Iraq. February 2003. Art by Adam Garcia.scan-4

“Celebrity Wars: Trump vs. Kermit” a satire by Emma Klinger from October 2015. Art by Lizzie Goncharova.scan-1

Presidential Candidates Kerry, Nader, and Bush. October 27, 2004. Art by Sam Soule.scan