Dear President-Elect Donald Trump:

I present you with this poem

Illustrator: Morgan Wittmers

While you sit in your tower,

We stand with the trees.

And when you cut them down,

We get down on our knees.

The Earth is our Mother,

She is our Queen.

And we’ll stand beside her

For as long as she needs.

The air is contaminated,

We feel it in the breeze.

And the waters are polluted,

From sea to shining sea.

The animals are dying,

The people are not free.

And you, Mr. President, ignore

Each and every plea.

You came into the White House

With little expertise.

And appointed an ignorant

Board of Trustees.

You signed off on bills

With which the people did not agree

And kept the money,

So that you could eat.

Meanwhile, the hungry

Are left suffering in the streets.

And all you have done

Is watch them bleed.

The people deserve better

They are dying from disease.

And they only get sicker

When you cut funds out of greed.

It’s obvious Mr. President,

That you prefer a certain breed.

And it becomes more obvious,

Every time you speak.

The United States of America

Is no place for a refugee.

And this is the tragic truth,

Look at all the Deportees.

Neither is this Nation

A place for a parolee

These are our people

Yet, we treat them as nobodies

Most are innocent,

That is the reality.

And even despite this,

We lock them up without a key.

That’s not all

You’ve made fun of homosexuality

And it doesn’t make sense

Because you love sensuality

Perhaps instead,

You should look at legality.

And admit that guns

Lead to fatality.

The children especially

Deserve a president with integrity

And not only that,

But a president who cares about humanity.

We wish Mr. President

That you would fund their reality

And give each child a chance

To master their ABCs in totality.

The future is not

Something we can see.

And nothing comes easy,

Nothing comes free.

The MCs are angry,

We hear it in their CDs

And the world is watching,

Just turn on your TV.

It is times like these

That we should look to Socrates

And to his words about the stars,

Such as Pleiades

We should look to the history

Of the Cherokee

And to the ways in which we can save

The Bumblebee

America is not free

Until everyone is free

And so we need to love each other

We need to treat the world kindly

It is time Mr. President

That you stopped catching Zs

And lived up to be

A better nominee.